Wish List: Tradewinds Bed Set

Wish List: Duvet Set

I’m in LOVE with this Tradewinds duvet set. It’s so soft & gorgeous! It’s an old map of exotic places that was found & recreated with bright colours for this lovely little duvet.

I love to travel & thus I have convinced myself that I am somehow worldly enough to require this duvet.

I’m a huge fan of euro pillows (my boyfriend is not) but they’re so big & soft & they really make a bed set look complete. These euros have so much detail, I just love it!

I don’t know if I could ever have this for myself, I can tell the bf would definitely veto it for it’s more feminine colours… but a girl can dream!


Duvet, Shams & Sheets:  tradewinds collection


To see the set on Anthropologie, click the photo!



  1. You need a guest bedroom! haha

    I like that you’re venturing off into other items that Anthro sells. The biggest appeal that Anthro has for me is their home decor and beauty items. I love that Anthro sells a lot of natural cosmetics – you know if they sell it, it must be good!

    I’ve recently tried the Kaia Naturals Cleansing Cloths (Anthro sells these) and they’re so so good!


  2. well obviously once i move to my massive californian mansion i’ll have a guest bedroom full of anthropologie knick knacks haha

    my bed set now is last season anthropologie as well, i stand firmly behind the quality of their home product ! : )

    amber, i would love it if you’d send me reviews on any of the anthro products you love ! we could do a little featurette !


    • Thanks for the comment Chloe!!

      That sounds absolutely lovely in that room!! I showed it to Andrei as well, but it looks like he’s intent on getting a new Anthro quilt instead of a duvet! I think we’ll be picking up the Laced Jersey Quilt sometime soon : )

      I loveeeee our old Anthro bedding to death (it’s so comfy) but it’s starting to get old and we definitely need an update! You can be sure I’ll post whatever we decide on ; )


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