Wish List: Cruiser Bike

Wish List: Cruiser Bike

Alright, so spring is here for some of you… that means its gotta be close for me (go away snow)! I live downtown in my city so parking is ridiculous, but everything is close to me! I need a quick means of transportation & nothing is better than saving money on gas! : )

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.41.46 PM

This summer I must get myself a little cruiser bike & I’ve found a build-your-own-bike website through Urban Outfitters!! AWESOME. Plus they have some fabulous accessories like adorable bells, super cute baskets, and very handy wine bottle holders (hehe).

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.29.00 PM

I love the idea of a cruiser bike! Cruisin’ on down to the farmers market on Saturday mornings to pick up some fresh veggies!  Sighhhh… It just reminds me of being a kid with tassels on my handles and beads on my tires.

Bike:  custom plato dutch step-thru (urban outfitters bike shop by republic bike)

Basket:  tonal weave bike basket (anthropologie)

Wine Holder:  fixation bike wine caddy (urban outfitters)

As always, click the photos to see the items on Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters!



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