A Classy Work Dress

I’m loving everything Maeve this spring!! They just cannot do wrong it seems.

A Classy Work Dress

As soon as I saw this hanging in-store I knew I needed it. My similar Maeve dress is one of my favourite go-to’s and this is just a tad bit nicer, given it has a little more detail.


It might not pick up in the photos, but the centre panelling is a dark navy blue colour that is just beautiful. I love wearing this dress by itself, but it also looks phenomenal with a waist belt.


My boyfriend bought the lovely necklace and earrings for me while he was in Europe in December. This is possibly my favourite ring… I picked it up in-store on sale back in December and have been loving it ever since!!!  The stone reminds me of the Arkenstone from the Hobbit : D !!  The creamy white colours of the jewelry go absolutely perfectly with this dress!


The last part of this outfit is my FAVOURITE new thing!!!  An adorable watch that I’m just 110% in love with.  Since it’s black, it goes with most anything but those adorable polka dots just get me all sorts of compliments!!  Plus it’s a great price for such a lovely little watch : )


Have a great weekend everyone!! : ) It’s supposed to be beautiful weather so go get your tan on!

Dress: pelota shirtdress (maeve)
Belt: lissome corset belt (hensler)
Sandals: napier sandals (naya)

As always, click on the photos to see the pieces on Anthropologie’s website! : )

A Summer Haul !

Emi and I hit up the local Anthropologie & found potentially thee best summer items. Obviously Emi shares my love for great clothes and splurged to fill her closet for her summer trips, she was kind enough to share some pictures with me to share with all of you!

Summer Haul !

The stunning white tank pictured above is a delicate doily pattern that flows so nicely, belted or not. It’ll work great with some light-washed shorts & her cowboy boots while we’re vacationing in Vegas in July!! The belt it’s paired with here is so feminine and dainty, it made the top seem softer and more flowy, in contrast to the darker belt she also picked up below.


This darker, more structured belt made the top look more put together & would work great in a number of different outfits. The detailing and colouring in the belt is gorgeous! Definitely a great find!


Next, Emi found this brand new GORGEOUSLY fitted dress. It’s very structured & definitely an amazing dress for a handful of occasions. It’s easily dressed down or up with accessories, making it a great dress to have around for casual dates or a more formal event. I’m definitely going to be trying this on in-store myself next time I’m in… it’s too fabulous to pass up!


Emi’s got a fantastic summer full of trips planned, including Phoenix in just 2 short weeks. She needed something comfortable to wear while walking around shopping and while travelling, as well as something more dressy to wear for more formal dinners (or also shopping, who are we kidding… we always like to look fabulous). She tried on a few maxi’s and found that this adorable striped one would be perfect for anything casual, given the cottony-comfort.

She also picked out this stunning blue and orange printed v-neck maxi that fit her like a glove, which also had pockets *SOLD*! The colours of the printed maxi will also look amazing when paired with her Phoenix-tanned skin in a few weeks.



Finally, Emi needed some basic pieces for work this summer. She picked out this popular silk-front tee that’s simple, but also cut in a very flattering way that shows off your style without showing off too much skin in the office.


Reviews: Keeping in mind Emi is a size 0, everything pictured is xs or size 0.  All the items mentioned fit true to size (if anything fit big, she couldn’t buy it). Both belts were a size small and they fit her with space. The two maxi’s she bought normally fit quite short, but on her they fit at a perfect maxi length. On a 5’6 woman, they would sit a few inches off the floor. All-in-all Emi found some gorgeous & great quality clothes & I can’t wait to see vacation photos!!

Tank:  sparre swing tank (meadow rue)

Dress:  tonnelle dress (leifsdottir)

Striped Maxi:  tamsin maxi dress (puella)

Patterned Maxi:  medallion-cut dress (maeve)

Tee:  naomi crossback tee (dolan)

Gold Belt:  sparkling carob belt (deepa gurnani)

Blue Belt:  mindoro fan belt

As always, click on the photos to see the items on Anthropologie!!! : )

1 Blouse, 3 Ways

Making one piece work in many scenarios helps justify the cost and increase the size of your wardrobe without spending money. I believe that it is worth spending extra to purchase quality clothing that will look better for longer than many of the inexpensive pieces from H&M or XXI. Finding a top like this that works both casually and at the office is a fantastic little discovery!!

1 Blouse, 3 Ways

Look 1

The first look I did with this blouse was a casual spring day outfit. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear. This outfit is perfect for any spring day!

Look 2

Look 2

The second look is a great outfit for a chilly spring night. It’s also very casual, comfortable & wearable. Accessorizing with bright colour keeps the outfit fun & summery!

Look 3

Look 3

The third look I created with this top is an outfit for work. Paired with a blazer, dress pants, and a fun necklace; this outfit stands out more than the typical, muted, workplace outfit.


Top: laymen top (sam & lavi)

Shorts: stet roll-up shorts (pilcro)

Belt: metallic skinny belt
Necklace: marmalade fringe necklace
Sandals: anthropologie 2 summers ago

Pants: serif legging jeans (pilcro)
Scarf: sun-dipped scarf
Shoes: covered bridge shooties (farylrobin)

Blazer: aritzia
Pants: banana republic
Necklace: mayura necklace
Heels: town shoes


Click the photo to see the blouse on Anthropologie!

Spotted at Work

Spotted at Work

Rachel was looking super cute today in her new outfit! This is the same dress from the ‘Spring Dress’ post. She bought the dress & belt in-store, and the sandals are from Anthropologie online.

She’s very brave, given it was -25 again today! Why do we live here again..? I can never remember.

We’re dreaming of spring : )


Dress: laced verbena dress (maeve)
Belt: cross-stitch belt (line pellet)
Sandals: hammerhead sandals (matt bernson)


Click the photo to see the sandals on Anthropologie!