Elephants !

Elephants !

A huge trend right now is animal print (no… not cheetah or zebra print… but actual animals)! This is an undying statement at Anthropologie; they’re a company inspired by nature, and they’re constantly rocking nature-inspired clothes.

photo 4

When I found an elephant printed shirt hanging dangerously close to this elephant printed scarf… I knew it was fate. 1 + 1 = elephant.

photo 2

It’s an adorable outfit for summer, which is approaching very slowly, as it snowed yet again today. I paired it with some basic Pilcro shorts & voila! Outfit made!

photo 3

Review: These tanks are so silky soft & lightweight that I bought 2 (in different colours), I also found they fit one full size too large. The scarf is a great little piece, it’s a lightweight knit that will be perfect for summer. Finally, the Pilcro shorts I obviously love, as I now have the same pair in 3 colours!!!

Top:  alameda tank (lilka)
Scarf:  elephas infinity scarf
Shorts:  demin roll-up shorts (pilcro)

As always, click the photos to see the pieces on Anthropologie!

Hopeful for Spring!

Hopeful for Spring!

Living in Canada and seeing all these Southern fashionistas posting fabulous shorts and skirt pics inspired me to toss on more of my own shorts and try for the first outdoor photos of 2014!! Too bad weather wasn’t cooperating with my ideas… Booooooo winter!!!!

I do love these shorts though !!! : D


I have Pilcro Stet shorts in jean material and Pilcro Hyphens in a casual cotton material, but when these Level 99 linen shorts arrived and I tried them on, I was in love. The fit is a fantastic not-too-short length with great front & back pocket detailing. I was actually about to purchase the grey Pilcro’s when the local personal stylist told me I had to try on these shorts! So glad I did!


The top is a great basic tank that I plan to pick up in a few more colours, & the scarf I’ve had in previous posts. It’s still just as bright & soft as ever!


Top:  slubby knit tank (pure + good)
Shorts:  linen shorts (level 99)
Scarf:  sun-dipped scarf


Click the photos to see the clothes on Anthropologie!

1 Blouse, 3 Ways

Making one piece work in many scenarios helps justify the cost and increase the size of your wardrobe without spending money. I believe that it is worth spending extra to purchase quality clothing that will look better for longer than many of the inexpensive pieces from H&M or XXI. Finding a top like this that works both casually and at the office is a fantastic little discovery!!

1 Blouse, 3 Ways

Look 1

The first look I did with this blouse was a casual spring day outfit. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear. This outfit is perfect for any spring day!

Look 2

Look 2

The second look is a great outfit for a chilly spring night. It’s also very casual, comfortable & wearable. Accessorizing with bright colour keeps the outfit fun & summery!

Look 3

Look 3

The third look I created with this top is an outfit for work. Paired with a blazer, dress pants, and a fun necklace; this outfit stands out more than the typical, muted, workplace outfit.


Top: laymen top (sam & lavi)

Shorts: stet roll-up shorts (pilcro)

Belt: metallic skinny belt
Necklace: marmalade fringe necklace
Sandals: anthropologie 2 summers ago

Pants: serif legging jeans (pilcro)
Scarf: sun-dipped scarf
Shoes: covered bridge shooties (farylrobin)

Blazer: aritzia
Pants: banana republic
Necklace: mayura necklace
Heels: town shoes


Click the photo to see the blouse on Anthropologie!

Luggage & Travel Picks

Luggage & Travel Picks

Going away for a week? Think you need to bring half your closet & a huge suitcase ? I got away with a weeks worth of stuff for a San Fran trip in one 21″ carry-on sized (and adorable) suitcase ! : )


In my bag I packed:

1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of chinos, 1 maxi skirt, 2 pairs of shorts.  1 chambray, 1 long sleeve tee, 1 3/4 sleeve tee, 1 blouse.  2 basic tanks, 1 lounge pants, 1 scarf, & 1 leather jacket.  4 pairs of shoes, including: 1 pair of tall boots, 2 pairs of booties (different heel heights), 1 pair of sandals.  2 necklaces, 2 rings, 2 bracelets, 1 watch, & 4 hair ties.  Makeup bag with clarisonic, makeup, travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  My travel-binder, trip agenda, and 36 hours travel planner.  Of course also my camera & comfortable neck pillow for the plane ride!


Can you believe it all fit????  Rachel was sure it wouldn’t !


Plane-ready in a metal-less outfit… comfortable in my maxi & tank .  Gonna have the best nap with my pillow : )

Spring in my Step

Spring in my Step

Ok so it’s -32 degrees in YEG and my car won’t start… but that won’t hold me back from trying on all my summer outfits!!

I was so excited when we got in these Pilcros. They are such an adorable little short! It’s all in the details at Anthropologie. I just want them in every colour.

The top and scarf are fabulous little pieces. This is such a versatile blouse and I’m so glad I found it. I have a hard time finding blouses to fit my bust and this one disguises it! Score!

The scarf is 100% silk and very, very small! Great for keeping cool in the summer but not great for trying to stay warm in Canadian winters.


Top: switchneck tank (maeve)
Scarf: rhone silk scarf
Shorts: pilcro hyphen chino shorts (pilcro)