Wish List: Cruiser Bike

Wish List: Cruiser Bike

Alright, so spring is here for some of you… that means its gotta be close for me (go away snow)! I live downtown in my city so parking is ridiculous, but everything is close to me! I need a quick means of transportation & nothing is better than saving money on gas! : )

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.41.46 PM

This summer I must get myself a little cruiser bike & I’ve found a build-your-own-bike website through Urban Outfitters!! AWESOME. Plus they have some fabulous accessories like adorable bells, super cute baskets, and very handy wine bottle holders (hehe).

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.29.00 PM

I love the idea of a cruiser bike! Cruisin’ on down to the farmers market on Saturday mornings to pick up some fresh veggies!  Sighhhh… It just reminds me of being a kid with tassels on my handles and beads on my tires.

Bike:  custom plato dutch step-thru (urban outfitters bike shop by republic bike)

Basket:  tonal weave bike basket (anthropologie)

Wine Holder:  fixation bike wine caddy (urban outfitters)

As always, click the photos to see the items on Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters!

Wish List: Denim Jacket

Wish List: Denim Jacket

I’m in love with this jacket by Pilcro. It’s so well constructed and looks so high quality, it’s a closet must-have!

Pilcro Avie Denim Jacket

This little jacket would be great over a dress (I’m thinking the pebble print dress by maeve) or some shorts for a casual spring/summer look!

Pilcro Avie Denim Jacket

With Anthropologie it’s always the details that sell me on their products.  The quality, intricate sewing patterns & the leather detailing all sell me on this jacket.  Too bad my local store only has XS and S sizes left… /pout!


Jacket:  avie denim jacket (pilcro)


Click any photo to see the jacket on Anthropologie!

Wish List: Tradewinds Bed Set

Wish List: Duvet Set

I’m in LOVE with this Tradewinds duvet set. It’s so soft & gorgeous! It’s an old map of exotic places that was found & recreated with bright colours for this lovely little duvet.

I love to travel & thus I have convinced myself that I am somehow worldly enough to require this duvet.

I’m a huge fan of euro pillows (my boyfriend is not) but they’re so big & soft & they really make a bed set look complete. These euros have so much detail, I just love it!

I don’t know if I could ever have this for myself, I can tell the bf would definitely veto it for it’s more feminine colours… but a girl can dream!


Duvet, Shams & Sheets:  tradewinds collection


To see the set on Anthropologie, click the photo!

Wish List: Weekender

Wish List: Weekender

As you could tell from my previous travel post, I’m itching to go on a vacation!  I like packing light & avoiding the baggage check, but I also need to make sure I have everything I need!  When I go to California next summer for Rachel & I’s road trip, I’ll need to have a lot more packing space than just my suitcase.

A weekender is the perfect solution! It’s basically a giant purse, so it’s allowed on the plane as an addition to my suitcase.  Plus it’ll work for small weekend trips in the future!

Free People Weekender

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect weekender… but I think that this one is pretty gorgeous!


Bag:  distressed leather weekender (free people)


Click the photo to view the bag on Free People!

Wish List: GOT Inspired Heels

GOT Inspired Heels

Anyone a Game of Thrones fan?? Season 4 is fast approaching & I’m getting super excited !! In my anticipation, I spotted these beautiful shoes on anthropologie.com

Do these remind you of Daenerys Targaryen or what??  I can just imagine her wearing a gorgeous dress & rocking these stunning heels. Very dragon-mother-esque !


Now the real question… do they belong in my closet?


Shoes: bari shooties (coqueterra)


Click the photo to see them on Anthropologie!