Meet Your Models !


DSC01317Creator of AnthroFashions; Alina is a lover of fashion, plants, design, and warm weather.  She’s a Landscape Architectural Technologist & loves her job!   She adores Anthropologie & she created this blog to help other lovely ladies create looks & piece together outfits.  


Toss her an email at if you have any questions!

Fun Facts:

– she’s a little cheap & prefers to do her own hair colour/cuts, as well as nails

– had her hair a vibrant red for almost a full year

– is determined to move to California

– loves to plan trips, even years in advance

– known lover of fermented grapes


IMG_1845Rachel is a student of Interior Design.  She and Alina have always been best friends & live only a block apart!

Fun Facts:

– Rachel & Alina have been best friends since they met in grade 3!

– she’s an adorable nerd & her bunny is named Gimli (LOTR)

– she had her hair bright purple for just under a year!

– she has a fabulous adopted sister named Ann whom she adores

– she’s an amazing gamer!

– her grandma wanted her to be named Alona (how funny would it have been for Alona & Alina to have become BFF’s !!)




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