Lovely Layers

This is without a doubt the most comfortable I have ever been at work. This dress first appeared in my local Anthro as a maxi, which didn’t quite fit me right so I passed on it. When this fabulous shorter version came in (in 3 gorgeous colours) I had to get it!!!

Lovely Layers

I’m IN LOVE with this teal colour. It’s such a rich shade & it really stands out. The scarf I picked up to add a subtle pop of colour to the look.


To soften the look of the outfit, I pulled my hair back into a bun. A wispy up-do softens the lines of your face and makes you look a little less harsh.

photo 2

I honestly felt like I was wearing jammies the material is so silky soft!! Definitely a great piece by Lilka. Highly recommended!!! Now I just need a tan – come on sun!

Dress:  matepe dress (lilka)

Scarf:  belize color pop scarf

As always, click the photos to see the pieces on Anthropologie’s online store! 🙂

Elephants !

Elephants !

A huge trend right now is animal print (no… not cheetah or zebra print… but actual animals)! This is an undying statement at Anthropologie; they’re a company inspired by nature, and they’re constantly rocking nature-inspired clothes.

photo 4

When I found an elephant printed shirt hanging dangerously close to this elephant printed scarf… I knew it was fate. 1 + 1 = elephant.

photo 2

It’s an adorable outfit for summer, which is approaching very slowly, as it snowed yet again today. I paired it with some basic Pilcro shorts & voila! Outfit made!

photo 3

Review: These tanks are so silky soft & lightweight that I bought 2 (in different colours), I also found they fit one full size too large. The scarf is a great little piece, it’s a lightweight knit that will be perfect for summer. Finally, the Pilcro shorts I obviously love, as I now have the same pair in 3 colours!!!

Top:  alameda tank (lilka)
Scarf:  elephas infinity scarf
Shorts:  demin roll-up shorts (pilcro)

As always, click the photos to see the pieces on Anthropologie!

Maxi: Comfortable, Casual, Chic

Maxi: Comfortable, Casual, Chic

I just finished running a bunch of errands today, and I needed an outfit that would work for errands (in the snow) as well as work later today. I chose a boho style maxi (with pockets… YAY), a basic tank, and a necklace infinity scarf. I love to be comfortable, and maxi skirts look 100% classier than sweat pants : )

If you’re a girl who loves comfort but doesn’t want to sacrifice style, try on a maxi skirt! I never thought I’d hop on the maxi bandwagon, but that was before I put one on and walked around town.

What’s your opinion on maxi skirts / dresses ? Love them or leave them ?


Skirt: lucerna maxi skirt (lilka)
Top: reversible seamless tank in black
Scarf: tasseled necklace scarf (floreat)
Boots: priscilla harness ankle boot (ecote)

*boots are from urban outfitters*


Click the photo to see the skirt on Anthropologie!