Everyday Attire

My job has me out of office about 50% of the time, which is fantastic! I’m always out checking out newly install landscapes, so sometimes wearing my business attire is not the best of ideas. I end up in some pretty muddy and dusty situations that I’d really rather not put my ‘dry-clean only’s into.


A few times a week, I pass on the dress and heels for an outfit like this. It’s still acceptable in the office, as it’s not frumpy casual. I can always count on Pilcro jeans for a classy and clean look, plus this Maeve blouse is one of my favourites. Once I leave the office, I’d tie the front of the blouse (still classy, these are high waited jeans), toss my hair in a ponytail, and throw on my sunglasses. Then nothing is blowing around while I’m trying to focus on work.


Hope everyone is having a fabulous and stylish spring!! Any suggestions for classy yet comfortable clothes for my site visits at work would be awesome!

Top:  ada tank (maeve)
Jeans:  superscript high-rise jeans (pilcro)
Boots:  town shoes
Watch:  prep pattern watch (geneva)

Click any photo to see the pieces on Anthropologie’s website!  : )

The Perfect Spring Accessory!!

The plants are all budding & all around town veryyy pale legs are finally making an appearance!! Mine have been blinding the town since the beginning of April… but some of us are just bolder than others. ; )

The Perfect Spring Accessory!!

I was so thrilled when we got this vest in at my local Anthropologie. It’s the ultimate cutest accessory for 2014 spring/summer!!! I was sold on getting it the second I saw the adorable lace on the back.


Not only am I in love with this vest… but I also adore this dress! It’s great for casual days walking around town, as well as the office. The more wearable the piece, the more it is worth the cost. Lately I’ve been picking up a ton of business pieces that would look far too stiff outside of work , as well as shorts and tanks that I could never wear to the office… so having a few things that work for both is fantastic! : )


I took these photos right before I went to the supermarket, so I paired the outfit with my favourite basic sandals and no other accessories. I can’t think of a time I ever wore a statement necklace to Safeway…


Hope everyone’s having a great Spring thus far! See you all again soon : )

Vest:  laced denim vest (pilcro)

Dress:  amapola dress (maeve)

Sandals:  napier sandals (naya)

As always, click any of the photos to see the items on Anthropologie’s website! : )

Elephants !

Elephants !

A huge trend right now is animal print (no… not cheetah or zebra print… but actual animals)! This is an undying statement at Anthropologie; they’re a company inspired by nature, and they’re constantly rocking nature-inspired clothes.

photo 4

When I found an elephant printed shirt hanging dangerously close to this elephant printed scarf… I knew it was fate. 1 + 1 = elephant.

photo 2

It’s an adorable outfit for summer, which is approaching very slowly, as it snowed yet again today. I paired it with some basic Pilcro shorts & voila! Outfit made!

photo 3

Review: These tanks are so silky soft & lightweight that I bought 2 (in different colours), I also found they fit one full size too large. The scarf is a great little piece, it’s a lightweight knit that will be perfect for summer. Finally, the Pilcro shorts I obviously love, as I now have the same pair in 3 colours!!!

Top:  alameda tank (lilka)
Scarf:  elephas infinity scarf
Shorts:  demin roll-up shorts (pilcro)

As always, click the photos to see the pieces on Anthropologie!

The Best Vest

The Best Vest

I’ve been on the hunt for a fabulous vest. It’s just a great piece to have on hand on days when you don’t want to do more than a tank & shorts, but you want to add an edge. Since I began my hunt a few months ago, I haven’t been super impressed with anything my local Anthropologie got in… until this fabulous little number!


What a statement this crocheted back is!! I’ve already gotten so many compliments on it & it’s such a fun piece to wear. I’m glad I waited as long as I did for my vest, because this was certainly worth it!! : )

Sooooo happy with this excellent little addition to my closet!


Vest: turson netter tassel vest (moth)
Tank: basic from Urban Outfitters
Pants: serif ponte leggings *on sale as of now* (pilcro)


Click the first photo to see the vest & the second to see the sale pants on Anthropologie!

Wish List: Denim Jacket

Wish List: Denim Jacket

I’m in love with this jacket by Pilcro. It’s so well constructed and looks so high quality, it’s a closet must-have!

Pilcro Avie Denim Jacket

This little jacket would be great over a dress (I’m thinking the pebble print dress by maeve) or some shorts for a casual spring/summer look!

Pilcro Avie Denim Jacket

With Anthropologie it’s always the details that sell me on their products.  The quality, intricate sewing patterns & the leather detailing all sell me on this jacket.  Too bad my local store only has XS and S sizes left… /pout!


Jacket:  avie denim jacket (pilcro)


Click any photo to see the jacket on Anthropologie!

1 Blouse, 3 Ways

Making one piece work in many scenarios helps justify the cost and increase the size of your wardrobe without spending money. I believe that it is worth spending extra to purchase quality clothing that will look better for longer than many of the inexpensive pieces from H&M or XXI. Finding a top like this that works both casually and at the office is a fantastic little discovery!!

1 Blouse, 3 Ways

Look 1

The first look I did with this blouse was a casual spring day outfit. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear. This outfit is perfect for any spring day!

Look 2

Look 2

The second look is a great outfit for a chilly spring night. It’s also very casual, comfortable & wearable. Accessorizing with bright colour keeps the outfit fun & summery!

Look 3

Look 3

The third look I created with this top is an outfit for work. Paired with a blazer, dress pants, and a fun necklace; this outfit stands out more than the typical, muted, workplace outfit.


Top: laymen top (sam & lavi)

Shorts: stet roll-up shorts (pilcro)

Belt: metallic skinny belt
Necklace: marmalade fringe necklace
Sandals: anthropologie 2 summers ago

Pants: serif legging jeans (pilcro)
Scarf: sun-dipped scarf
Shoes: covered bridge shooties (farylrobin)

Blazer: aritzia
Pants: banana republic
Necklace: mayura necklace
Heels: town shoes


Click the photo to see the blouse on Anthropologie!

Polka ‘Dottie’

Polka Dots

This beautiful top looks great if you’re curvy!  It hits all the right places, plus it’s silky soft.

Rachel paired it with her dark wash Pilcro’s and a gorgeous pair of freebird boots!  It’s a really pretty vintage-y look.  The top is an off-white and looks less harsh than true white/black pieces.


Top:  dottie top (sweet pea)

Pants:  serif legging jeans (pilcro)

Boots:  boulder boots (freebird)


Click the photo to see the shirt on Anthropologie!