Carefree Chinos

Carefree Chinos

So far, these are my favourite pair of pants to wear this spring (not that spring is quite here yet in Canada). Sanctuary blends slouchy and classy together so well that while I’m feeling cosy, I’m looking à la mode.

Pairing these great pants with a simple blouse & lightweight scarf kept me cool at work all day long.

The heels, believe it or not, are more comfortable than sandals. I’ve never had such a pleasant-to-wear heel!! Ladies: if you’re in the market for a fabulous shootie this spring/summer, check these out at Anthropologie’s online store!


Blouse: switchneck tank (maeve)
Chinos: camo chinos (sanctuary)
Scarf: rhone silk scarf
Shoes: covered bridge shooties (farylrobin)


Click the photo to see the chinos on Anthropologie!

Luggage & Travel Picks

Luggage & Travel Picks

Going away for a week? Think you need to bring half your closet & a huge suitcase ? I got away with a weeks worth of stuff for a San Fran trip in one 21″ carry-on sized (and adorable) suitcase ! : )


In my bag I packed:

1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of chinos, 1 maxi skirt, 2 pairs of shorts.  1 chambray, 1 long sleeve tee, 1 3/4 sleeve tee, 1 blouse.  2 basic tanks, 1 lounge pants, 1 scarf, & 1 leather jacket.  4 pairs of shoes, including: 1 pair of tall boots, 2 pairs of booties (different heel heights), 1 pair of sandals.  2 necklaces, 2 rings, 2 bracelets, 1 watch, & 4 hair ties.  Makeup bag with clarisonic, makeup, travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  My travel-binder, trip agenda, and 36 hours travel planner.  Of course also my camera & comfortable neck pillow for the plane ride!


Can you believe it all fit????  Rachel was sure it wouldn’t !


Plane-ready in a metal-less outfit… comfortable in my maxi & tank .  Gonna have the best nap with my pillow : )

Chino Season!

Chino Season!

Chino’s are BACK! I love the casual, relaxed fit of a chino. Dress them up with a blouse, or dress them down with an oversized tee… either way they’re fashionable. A definite must-have in the closet!

I love the way this sanctuary pair fits. The pockets make my butt look good, and when you have a little butt like me… any plump-age is good plump-age!

Rachel tried these on and was not a fan of the additional butt plump-age (curvy ladies beware!!).


Pants: camo chinos (sanctuary)
Tank: reversible seamless tank in grey