Maxi: Comfortable, Casual, Chic

Maxi: Comfortable, Casual, Chic

I just finished running a bunch of errands today, and I needed an outfit that would work for errands (in the snow) as well as work later today. I chose a boho style maxi (with pockets… YAY), a basic tank, and a necklace infinity scarf. I love to be comfortable, and maxi skirts look 100% classier than sweat pants : )

If you’re a girl who loves comfort but doesn’t want to sacrifice style, try on a maxi skirt! I never thought I’d hop on the maxi bandwagon, but that was before I put one on and walked around town.

What’s your opinion on maxi skirts / dresses ? Love them or leave them ?


Skirt: lucerna maxi skirt (lilka)
Top: reversible seamless tank in black
Scarf: tasseled necklace scarf (floreat)
Boots: priscilla harness ankle boot (ecote)

*boots are from urban outfitters*


Click the photo to see the skirt on Anthropologie!


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